Hey you and welcome to my wellness site! I’m excited you’re here because it means you’re already working on creating more health and happiness in your life or you’re ready to take some new steps towards a healthier path!!!

Choosing to make time for us and taking care of us is the most important thing we can do!!

I spent many years yo yo dieting, not really caring, partying through college and really just losing more and more of myself as I got older. Honestly I didn’t really care or think much about MY HEALTH until we had our first son, Keaston.

Being a mommy changed my entire world. I only wanted the best for him, I mean most parents want the best for their kiddos right?! So I made sure to buy and feed him quality foods when he started on solids and was incredibly mindful for him, but when it came to my meals I was snacking off his plate or honestly just grabbing whatever was easiest.

Before I knew it I was 209lbs, sitting on the couch watching my baby boy play on the floor with his toys and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. I didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes, I always felt tired or defeated and I honestly just felt lost in going through the motions of life.

Watching him play on the floor alone that day I was terrified that if I didn’t change something that our life was just going to be feel stuck and going through the motions or worse,  I wasn’t going to be around long enough to watch him grow up.

So a friend of mine who was working on her own health and fitness was also a Beachbody coach.  She had been sharing with me she was willing to help so I could start feeling better.  I kind of listened, but really she was thin, fit and didn’t have kids so I didn’t think she got it.  Like how can she help me if she’s never been this heavy, doesn’t have her own household to maintain or a kiddo who needs her…I now know this was me finding all the reasons to justify why it was easier for her and let myself off the hook once again.  She didn’t have the same story as I did because we are different people and she didn’t have to get my exact struggles, she had access to tools she knew could help me and she was willing to be a supportive friend for me to get started.

After months of back and forth and finding more reasons why I couldn’t do it, I reached out to her.  In January of 2012 my hubby and started our journey to a healthier version of us.  Yes we are a New Year’s Resolution that stuck and became a LIFE LONG JOURNEY!!!

Since we lived far from town and Keaston was still so young it was super convenient to have a guided workout we could do at home each night when he went to bed.  My hubby and I would change our clothes, get Keaston to bed, grab the monitor and venture down to the basement where we would push play on the old p90x.  At the time we were both very out of shape, only had 2 sets of dumbbells and at times there were moves I couldn’t do at all.

BUT through hard days, good days and times of struggle WE KEPT GOING.  We completed our first 90 days of p90x in 90 days you guys!! Like legit freaking did it!  We may have notified, taken breaks and even jogged in place when we couldn’t do the actual move any longer, but every freaking day we kept showing up and doing our best.  It was so freaking empowering and we both felt so good we dove into another 90 days to repeat the same program and routine.  

We spent years failing forward and trying to do this diet, that diet, run on the treadmill, cut out food whole food groups and FINALLY we stuck to something and WE WEREN’T GOING TO STOP!!!

So we crushed another 90 days and thennnnn, well then in July of 2012 we were excited to share with our family and friends we were pregnant with baby #2, our Beckett.

We were so excited to be blessed with our pregnancy, but in all honesty I felt awful with morning sickness, I was nauseous the entire first trimester and I was terrified to keep working out like we had been because if something happened during our pregnancy I didn’t want to blame working out.  So I took a break from working out, stayed active with 2 year old Keaston and did my best to be mindful with foods once I got past all I could eat were carbs for a bit.

Everything was great, I had a very healthy pregnancy and on March 27, 2013 we welcomed baby boy #2, Beckett Mayo, into the world to complete our family.

What was totally unexpected and kind of crazy to me, is that I had really been missing my workouts!!  As a mommy of now two I was itching to get back to having some time for me, so after 6 weeks and clearance from my OB, I got right back to work.  Obviously I had to take each day in stride, I mean I did just have a baby, but my love and commitment to show up for me was still there.

After 10 weeks of following another at home routine program that was only 25 minutes a day I was able to settle right back into my routine and shed more than my pregnancy weight.  Like let’s think on that for a minute you guys, the girl who could never follow through or keep on track with a wellness routine crushed 180 days back to back, went through a pregnancy and recovery and then got right back to it. I had found my power.  I knew that I could keep showing up for myself, my family and help us lead a healthier happier path in life.

It was at this point I knew I had found something so special.  I was alive again and because I had been able to make some major lifestyle shifts with guided at home workouts & nutrition and the love & support of an online wellness community I had also found a whole new path in life I never knew existed.

In November of 2013 Team Living Healthy & Fit was born and it became our mission to be the light for women & mommas all over who felt like they were stuck, struggling or were just going through the motions because we THINK we must do for everyone else before we can do for ourselves.