About me and WHY I choose healthy NOW!

Hey you and welcome to my wellness blog! I’m excited you’re hear because it means you’re either already working on creating more health and happiness in your life or you’re ready too!!!

Choosing to make time for us and taking care of us is the most important thing we can do!!

I spent many years yo yo dieting, not really caring, partying through college and really just losing more and more of myself as I got older. Honestly I didn’t really care much until we had our first son, Keaston.

Being a Mommy changed my entire world. I only wanted the best for him, I mean most parentsonky want the best for their kiddos right?! So I made sure to buy and feed him quality foods when he started on solids and was incredibly mindful ofor him, but found myself eating whatever was easy or sounded good.

Before I knew it I was 209lbs, sitting on the couch watching my baby boy play on the floor with his toys and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. It was at this moment I was terrified that if I didn’t change something that this was going to be my life, or even worse I wasn’t going to be around long enough to watch him grow up.

So a friend of mine who was a coach had been sharing with me she was willing to help me. I kind of listened but really she was thin, fit and didn’t have kids so I didn’t think she got it. But she didn’t have to get my exact struggles, I just needed a friend to remind me I could do it.

I reached out to her and in January of 2012 my hubby and started our journey to a healthier version of us.

We loved sleeping so when Keaston went to bed we would workout. Yes late every night but I was determined to make this change happen for myself and our family.

Through hard days, good days, times of struggle, and times of triumph we completed our first 90 days of p90x!!! We followed up with another 90 days and then……we’ll we felt so good we got pregnant with baby number two!

It was at this point I was afraid I wouldn’t get back on track with adding a new baby to the mix. I just had to remind myself I had done it before and yes it would be hard but I had double the reason to be healthy once Beckett was here!

So at 6 weeks post Baby Beckett I started T25 and took it day by day! Within that 10week program I actually dropped all my pregnancy weight and then some!! So I had created balance with a toddler, new born and nursing our new baby! It was an amazing and empowering feeling!

Since then I’ve only continued along the path of creating and keeping balance in our lives as new phases of life come and go and we continue along this journey!!

I’m excited to continue creating more health and happiness in our families life and share that with you too!

Please know if you’re struggling, life is hard or you just need a friend to help coach you through your start like I needed I am here to help you!!

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